Dover Grammar School for Girls – Remembrance Press Release

    6th Dec 2018

    Students in the History department this week at Dover Grammar School for Girls were preparing for the build up to Remembrance Sunday, 11th November 2018 with activities across the school.

    All tutor groups in the school looked at the theme of remembrance and the legacy of this in local memorials and sites of interest. Meanwhile, students in Year 9 were preparing a small museum on aspects of the 'Great War', alongside personal exhibits.

    Mrs Gaynor Bunn, Teacher of History provided artefacts from her grandad, John Bramwell who was at the Battle of the Somme. a Year 9 provided research on her ancestor, William Cotter, a Victoria Cross winner and a number of other different projects were contributed to the display.

    All year groups carried out a mark of respect in their silence on Friday morning. One of our Year 7 students explained that it was 'important to honour the bravery of those who sacrificed themselves so we could enjoy our lives today'. Another Year 7 added that it was important to learn from the past 'to make the world a more peaceful place to live in today'.


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