Vision Tricolon

    Building Character

    Fostering Respect

    Achieving Success

    Our vision tri-colon was developed by the school community to help describe our vision as a school, in a simple and memorable way. Each part of the tri-colon builds on the next, helping us to prepare students for success in the world beyond school.

    Building Character is key to success at school and prepares students well for their life of studying and work after DGGS. We believe in the Character Values of Mutual Respect, Intellectual Curiosity, Compassion, Courage and Moral Purpose and these are embedded in all aspects of school life.

    Fostering Respect: We believe that respecting others’ values, culture and religious beliefs is a fundamental part of our ethos. In a decade defined by intolerance, we value students enjoying discussing differing philosophies and opinions in an informed, respectful way that enables understanding, acceptance and tolerance.

    Achieving Success: Building on the cornerstone of character and respect, students set targets and achieve ambitious outcomes at DGGS. Success at the school is not only in the academic arena but also in the sporting, musical and dramatic disciplines developing leadership and collaborative working skills. In addition, our excellent results at GCSE and A level are in the top quintile nationally. Ultimately, we aim to provide an education which allows every individual to achieve their own personal success in all areas of school life.


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