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    Equalities & Diversity

    Dover Grammar School for Girls is proud to be an inclusive environment for learning, providing high quality teaching and learning to all students, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or beliefs. We aim to support all members of our community, and promote positive attitudes towards diversity.

    The school actively encourages diversity and acceptance through all aspects of school life, developing a strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural ethos across the school.

    Equality and diversity is developed in a number of ways:

    • The school’s Character Values of Mutual Respect, Intellectual Curiosity, Compassion, Courage and Moral Purpose are integral to assemblies and form time activities
    • An inclusive ethos in the classroom, actively removing barriers to learning for students with special educational needs and disabilities
    • A proactive Wellbeing programme to encourage an open dialogue about mental health
    • A strong PSHE programme for all students at Key Stages 3 and 4
    • Student Council and active student leadership in all aspects of the school
    • Clubs and extra curricular activities
    • Enrichment Weeks activities such as Nepal Day, trips abroad, visiting speakers and activities to raise awareness of different viewpoints
    • We are proud to be a Stonewall school supporting LGBTQ students

    Further information on our school’s commitment to Equality can be found in the Equality Policy.

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