Times of the School Day

     Please find below a change to the school day timings. This will begin from September. 

     Students should be on the school site by 8.30am 

    Registration/Form Time 8.40am-9.10am 
    Period 1  9.10am-10am 
    Period 2  10am-10.50am 
    Break  10.50am-11.10am 
    Period 3  11.10am-12pm 
    Period 4  12pm-12.50pm 
    Lunch  12.50pm-1.50pm 
    Period 5  1.50pm-2.40pm 
    Period 6  2.40pm-3.30pm 
    Dismissal  3.30pm 
    End of Day  3.35pm 
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