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    Are you interested in training to become a teacher?

    Dover Grammar School for Girls is a highly academic environment where our students thrive through a supportive pastoral system based on mutual respect and inclusivity. Behaviour is exemplary and students work hard to do their best which creates an inspiring environment to work in. The school has been judged by Ofsted as outstanding in our most recent inspection. Students aim high and go onto to study at some of the greatest institutions in the country. Dover Grammar School for Girls provides an excellent ethos in which to learn to be a teacher.

    What does DGGS do to promote the best teaching possible?

    In your placement you will be supported by experienced teachers and mentors. Our resources are shared with trainees and they are encouraged to refine and enhance these. As part of a team of trainee teachers support and encouragement are given.

    A Subject Mentor meeting will take place each week. In addition to this, there will be a meeting with the Professional Mentor where wider pedagogy and teaching strategies will be discussed and reflected upon using the most innovative research of cognitive science to apply to the classroom. This in-house programme of training complements the training programme offered by our partners KMT who have a proven track record of producing excellent teachers.

    You will begin your journey with focused observations and build gradually into a timetable of teaching whilst forging relationships with students and staff as a full member of the team at the school.

    What do former trainees say about their placement at DGGS?

    Why is DGGS a good place to learn to train as a teacher?

    “DGGS offers a nurturing environment for its trainees where the balance is struck correctly between a caring environment where you'll always receive the help you need or colleagues to lend an ear, but also one in which you'll be challenged and pushed to be the best teacher you can be. Particularly given its selective nature, I've found DGGS to be an excellent environment in which to hone my subject knowledge as I'm surrounded by both students and colleagues with a genuine love of learning who always want to learn more about their subject areas. The school prides itself on high academic standards which means that these values are instilled in you as a trainee, too, ultimately setting you up for success as you start your career.”

    What was it about the programme at DGGS which helped you to improve as a classroom teacher?

    “The correct balance between a nurturing environment/supportive colleagues and significant academic challenge is what's helped me to improve my classroom practice. There is always someone to listen, irrespective of whether this is your mentor or line manager or colleagues more generally, but the fact that the students overall are keen to learn and work hard too most certainly helps. These factors combined drive me to continuously improve my own practice and achieve success in my career.”

    Further information

    Please contact Abigail Goldswain at agoldswain@dggs.kent.sch.uk if you have any further questions or would like to find out more about how the programme works in the school.

    Further details from our training provider, KMT and the application process can be found on this link https://www.kmtraining.org.uk/successfully-training-teachers/

    Laura Norman

    ITT Induction Tutor

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