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    As a student at DGGS you have the right to access Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).  

    Our “Explore, Focus, Action” model describes the path that you will take on your journey through the school as you first explore a wide range of opportunities, then begin to focus on a narrower range of interest before you act to determine your direction post 16 and post 18 years old.

    The DGGSAspire careers programme is delivered in PSHE lessons, in Futures Friday Form time activities and during dedicated enrichment days.

    Other opportunities include careers interviews, visits from external speakers, talks from former students, university visits, work experience, and our wide range of extra-curricular activities.

    If you would like to access further careers information independently, you will find the following places useful:

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    All students are subscribed to this web-based careers platform. Here you can access live updated information that enables you to find out about and compare every university course, apprenticeship and further education course in the UK as well as universities in 30 other countries across the world.  You will also record all your activities here and, over time, this will form the basis for future applications, whether to Apprenticeships, Further Education of any kind or directly into the workforce.

    Please click here to visit.

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    The DGGSAspire Students Team is frequently updated with information on careers talks, university open days, apprenticeship opportunities, internships and work experience placements.

    School Library

    There is a comprehensive careers section in the school library where you can access information about careers and further education.


    Quizzes you might like to try

    Prospects UK skills and personality quiz: matches your skills and personality to more than 400 job profiles.

    The Buzz quiz: examines your strengths and weaknesses and suggests subject choices that might suit you

    The UCAS career quiz: helps you find career ideas by exploring different jobs, or looking at volunteering, apprenticeships, or starting your own business.

    General Website Links

    The National Careers Service: lets you explore careers using different job categories to help you search. Gives you information about the job, education and skills needed.

    Youth Employment Advice: for young people on different careers and pathways to the job you want. provides an easy-to-navigate website that provides clear concise information on a range of different jobs, what’s involved, the skills and qualifications needed. You can explore broadly by subject or by looking up a specific job type.  Contains a large library of videos of people talking about their work.

    Prospects UK: gives general careers advice about jobs by sector or subject. A very useful website if unsure what careers you can pursue if you are thinking of studying a ‘broad subject degree’ (e.g English, History etc).

    Careermap: is a comprehensive web-based source of information about wide range of careers

    UCAS: is the main site for university applications and has a link to the Stamford Test which helps to match student preferences to courses

    Specific careers by sector or subject area

    School subject / Career area

    Web link

    Creative arts sector.

    Engineering -



    History -



    Modern foreign languages

    Performing arts.

    Physical Education



    STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

    Other career areas


    Banking and finance

    Building and construction. - Information about careers in

    Counselling and mental health services.





    Manufacturing and production.

    The armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and Strategic command). -


    Transport and logistics. - -


    The National Apprenticeship Service: provides general advice and information about apprenticeships, as well as advertising current vacancies. (


    Apprenticeships in Kent: 


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