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    Lunchtime Clubs:

    · Computer Science Club

    · Chess Club

    · Dissection club

    · STEM Crest Awards Club

    · Physiology Club

    · Debate Club

    · Poetry club

    · Drama Showcase Club

    · Art Printing Club

    · Felting club

    · British Sign Language club

    · Sport - lunchtime and afterschool practices for Athletics, Rounders, Netball and Dance

    · Help clubs for Maths, French, German, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects


    Supercurricular Projects:

    · Optima Magazine (student-led journalism)

    · Maths NRICH Problem solving

    · IRIS (Institute for Research in Schools) Physics Project

    · Biology Bee Project

    · Biodiverse gardening project

    · Holocaust Ambassador Project

    · Spanish Civil War History Scholars Project

    · Lenses on Lear (NEW English project)

    · Guest speaker programme

    In 2021-22 Dover Grammar School for Girls history students "DGGS Scholars" carried out an enrichment project into local volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. The project blossomed from an initial investigation focussed on one member of the International Brigades, Harry Addley (1896-1936) to encompass many more volunteers from East Kent. The project worked with Dr Richard Baxell and Dr John Bulatis to explore fascism and communism in the 1930's. In collaboration with Folkestone Fringe, English, Art, Computing and Film Studies students the project exhibited work at the Folkestone Triennial and a temporary memorial was established close to the harbour in Folkestone, outside the location of Harry Addley's restaurant.  This pamphlet displays the main research from the students project which revealed hitherto unexplored local archival material. To the memory of Harry and his comrades: Viva La Quita Brigada.

    Spain, Civil War and the Contribution of East Kent Volunteers 1936-39

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