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    "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe."

    Gail Devers

    At DGGS all pupils participate in a broad and balanced curriculum designed to promote positive interest and enjoyment in Physical activity to promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles.


    Mrs N Guy (Subject Leader)
    Mrs S McDermott
    Miss L Norman
    Mrs J Wilson
    Miss A Mauger


    The PE team offers all students a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to promote positive interest and enjoyment in physical activity. Through a wide range of sports and activities, our curriculum promotes health and fitness for current and future lifestyles. We promote positive opportunities to participate fully, introducing students to new sports and activities and developing their skills.

    We have a strong ‘sport for all’ ethos and all girls are encouraged to attend clubs, whatever their level of ability. We believe the study of PE contributes to our student’s communication and teamwork skills as well as providing them with physical challenge. It is a subject which equips the individual with a variety of transferable skills such as: resilience, leadership, confidence and creativity. It helps to prepare our young people for the next stage in their lives.


    The curriculum intent of the Physical Education Department at Dover Grammar School for Girls is to develop a passion for physical activity and sport. We have an established tradition of competitive sport and regularly compete at district and county level. We also arrange Inter-House and Inter-Form competitions to fully engage all students in competition. We want our students to understand how exercise contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle and what opportunities are available to them locally.

    Key Stage 3 PE: Students are taught for two periods of core PE every week, which is complemented by our busy and hugely popular co-curricular opportunities. We also organise an Evening of Dance to showcase students’ work to parents and our local community to celebrate their achievement in co-curricular clubs and Year 7 specific Performing Arts lessons across the year.

    Our indoor facilities include a gymnasium and school hall. Outdoors we have a large playground with four netball courts, five tennis courts and use of local playing fields for Football, Athletics and Rounders. In lessons, students follow planned sporting activities, per term. The curriculum aims to introduce practical skills along with specific concepts and terminology to develop the understanding of all students, in preparation for the key stage 4 programme. All Year 7 students undertake a year of Performing Arts, encompassing Dance, Singing and Drama skills. Over the course of each year, students will be taught skills from the following sports: Netball, Tag Rugby, Football, Rowing, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders and Tennis.


    Key Stage 4 PE:

    Year 10 and 11 Core PE. At Key Stage 4 students are introduced to the Level 1 Sports Leaders Awards (accredited by Sports leaders UK). They are all encouraged to plan, deliver and evaluate a range of sporting leadership skills aimed at both their peers and younger aged students. This is done through a variety of sports and activities. The local primary schools are regularly involved in providing leadership opportunities for our developing sports leaders.

    In addition to this, all students undertake a range of sports and exercise activities, which are encouraged to enhance self-motivation and body confidence.

    Year 10 and 11: GCSE PE

    At GSCE Level students follow the AQA board and focus their attention to three assessed sports from a range of set activities, in a combination of individual and team events. There is also a written analysis and evaluation of performance in a chosen sport. The theory topics expand on the students’ levels of knowledge from KS3 and develop their understanding of applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training, use of data, sports psychology, socio-cultural influences, as well as health, fitness and well-being. There are a range of wider reading and experiences that students will be able to access and utilise to supplement the teaching available.


    Key Stage 5 PE: The main focus at A Level PE is to enhance and broaden knowledge and understanding of the target PE culture, developing what has been covered at KS4. In Year 12 the A Level Course follows the AQA syllabus and builds on students’ learning in greater depth from GCSE PE. The course requires full focus on one sport, but looks at both practical/coaching skills as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate tactics and strategies. The coursework element which includes a written task as well as the assessed performance comprises 30% of the award. In Year 13 new skills are also introduced such as critical thinking, synoptic linking of disciplines and conducting research. There is greater importance placed on awareness of social issues and trends and themes around political/intellectual/sporting culture.


    Year 12- Level 2 Sports Leaders Award

    The students are encouraged to build upon the skills developed in Key stage 4 during the Level 1 Sports Leaders Awards. At this stage the community involvement and developing the size and scale of the leadership tasks is required. The students will be assessed on their ability to take responsibility in a given leadership session and their level of teamwork and evaluation. Specific projects that fulfil the community aspect of the qualification engage students with organising sporting events that involve the wider community and local Primary schools. This award can be completed in one academic year.

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