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    Pupil Premium

    Our Commitment to all of our students

    Dover Grammar School for Girls is committed to the development of the whole person through academic excellence and personal fulfilment.  We see the Pupil Premium as a further assistance to fulfilling these twin goals for some of our more vulnerable students.  Each and every one of our students is to be valued for their unique gifts and the development of all our students is important.

    Pupil Premium definition

    The Pupil Premium provides additional funding to schools in order to raise the attainment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The additional funding received by the school is based upon the number of students eligible for free school meals at any time in the preceding six years in Year 7 to Year 11 (FSM and Ever 6 FSM), which the Department for Education uses as an indicator of disadvantage.

    Schools also receive additional funding for children who have been in care continuously for more than six months, adopted children and children of service personnel.  Children within any of these categories are identified as ‘Disadvantaged Pupils’.

    Nationally, statistics indicate that students in receipt of the Pupil Premium do not achieve as well as other students.  The aim of this funding is to therefore try to close the achievement gap by enabling schools to directly support individual students appropriately.

    All applications for FSM Pupil Premium need to be conducted via the allocated online procedure via the link below:

    For further information on the ways in which DGGS supports students in receipt of Pupil Premium, please click on the information below:

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