Staff List

    Teaching Staff Support Staff

    Mr M Thomas (Subject Leader)
    Mrs N Graham (2nd in Dept.)
    Mrs B James 
    Mrs A Simmonds
    Ms R Widdup (Deputy Head)
    Mrs K Harrison
    Mr J Sear
    Mr P O'Neill (EPQ)

    Mrs E Procter (Subject Leader)
    Mrs A Simpson (2nd in Dept. KS5 Lead)
    Mr R Benson (Headteacher)
    Mr J Langton (KS3 Mathematics Lead/Pupil Premium Champion)
    Mr G Chapman
    Mrs H Welch
    Mr R Hulse
    Mr M Ellis
    Ms L Cousins

    Modern Foreign Languages
    Mrs D Wainwright (Subject Leader French)
    Mrs P King (Subject Leader German)
    Ms G Fleutre (Head of KS3)
    Mrs V Mitchell (Assistant Head)
    Mrs C Vere
    Ms S Treguier
    Ms A Von Ronn
    Ms F Louvez

    Mrs J Jones (Curriculum Lead)
    Mr P Blair (Subject Lead Biology)
    Mr M Sayer (Subject Lead Physics)
    Mrs R Corrente (Subject Lead Chemistry)
    Mrs S Bartlett (Assistant Headteacher)
    Mrs V Fielding
    Mrs A Goldswain
    Mrs K House
    Mrs D Kanasewich
    Mr K Grant (Assistant Head of KS4)
    Mrs H Swan
    Ms M Davis
    Mrs S Munday (Technician)
    Ms H Holman (Technician)

    Mrs M Dachtler (Subject Leader)
    Mr P Graham (Y7 Coordinator)
    Mrs C Nunn
    Mrs C Vere
    Ms C Bradley
    Mr M Redden (Art & D/T Technician)

    Business Studies
    Mr C Gilbert (Subject Leader)
    Mrs L Minister

    Design Technology
    Mrs S Anderson (Subject Leader)
    Miss C Nunn
    Mrs J Wooley

    Mrs B James (Subject Leader)

    Film Studies
    Mr O Chipchase

    Miss L Howell (Subject Leader)
    Mrs M Dudley
    Miss K Ash
    Ms N Hadlow

    Ms R Wilson (Subject Leader)
    Mrs J Davies
    Mrs G Bunn
    Miss C Toland
    Mrs C Fajuyigbe

    Computer Science
    Mrs S Aime (Subject Leader)

    Mrs N Midgley-Haste (Lead Teacher of Classics) 
    Mrs Q Lavan

    Mr M Bartlett (Subject Leader / Assistant Head of KS3)
    Mr M Schlamm

    Physical Education
    Mrs N Guy (Subject Leader)
    Mrs S McDermott (Head of KS4)
    Miss A Mauger
    Mrs J Wilson

    Mr A Walton (Subject Leader Social Sciences)
    Mrs L Norman
    Mrs H Swan

    Religious Studies
    Miss S Robbins (Subject Leader)
    Ms N Hay (Deputy Head)
    Mrs R Easley (Assistant SENCo & LAC Coordinator)
    Mr M Schlamm
    Mrs C Vere

    Mr A Walton (Subject Leader Social Sciences)
    Mrs L Read (Head of KS5)
    Ms R Latin

    Mr A Walton (Subject Leader Social Sciences)
    Ms G Fleutre (Head of KS3)
    Mr M Bartlett
    Mr M Schlamm
    Mrs V Mitchell
    Mr K Grant

    Ms K Corby (Headteacher's PA / Office Manager)
    Mrs E Lyons (Senior Admin Assistant)
    Miss S Jones (Admin Assistant / Receptionist)
    Mrs L Skelton (Receptionist / Admin Assistant)
    Miss A Clupty (Admin Assistant / Receptionist)
    Miss C Readman (School Business Manager)
    Mrs K Bingham (Bursar)
    Mrs J Brady (Finance Officer)
    ICT Support
    Mr I Carlton (Network Manager)
    Mr D Drysdale (Senior ICT Technician)
    Ms A Brigtling (Exams Officer / Cover Coordinator)
    Mrs E Friend (Data Coordinator)
    Mrs H Warner (Librarian)
    Mrs C Solly
    Student Support
    Mrs L Gay (KS5)
    Ms S Hunter (KS4)
    Miss L Letheren (KS3)
    Mrs V Brazier (Attendance Officer)
    Mrs M Murphy (EVC/Admin)
    Mrs K Cox (TA)
    Mrs C Harman (TA)
    Mrs A Heppell (Pupil Premium TA)
    Cover Assistants
    Ms A Brightling (Cover Coordinator)
    Miss R Perry (Cover Supervisor)
    Mrs M Quinquenel-Lunn 
    Mrs C Solly
    Mr J Wardle (Site Manager)
    Mr M Webster (Caretaker)
    Mrs L Cosier (Cleaning Supervisor)
    Mrs M Dutton (Cleaner)
    Miss L Pile (Cleaner)
    Mrs R Vasilescu (Cleaner)
    Miss S Haves (Cleaner)
    Mrs S Pilcher (Cleaner)


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