Students and staff alike are committed to fundraising, working together to support good causes throughout the year. In the academic year 2017 to 18 we have raised over £7000.00 for charities.

    Not only do these charity events develop our sense of community and social responsibility but they are also valuable in enhancing leadership and team work skills and our DGGS Character Values.

    In addition to individual student’s fundraising endeavours, every form in the school organises and runs a charity event for their chosen good cause. This year we have raised funds for a variety of causes, including Young Minds, Cool Earth, Cancer Research UK, and the British Red Cross.

    We have also held a wide range of whole school charity events. In 2017 to 18 these included Tag Days, Amnesty events, Fair Trade awareness and our annual Christmas Market where students’ stalls raised £2,893.74 for The Scoliosis Society.

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