Curriculum Overview

    … and let / Thy feet, millenniums hence, be set / In midst of knowledge, dream’d not yet.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1842

    Curriculum Philosophy

    Our curriculum at Dover Grammar School for Girls is academically rigorous, knowledge-rich and based on high expectations for all our students.

    Our curriculum is both pastoral and academic; the purpose of which is to achieve excellence – socially, intellectually and morally.  Our curriculum shapes the character of our students, providing them with the traits needed for employability; the cultural capital needed for success in life; and the resilience to bounce back and not fear failure.  Our curriculum is designed to foster a sense of respect, empathy and pride in the diversity of our local community and its rich history.   Ultimately, our curriculum aims to meet the diverse needs of our students and to empower them to develop the independence, moral purpose and intellectual flexibility necessary to flourish in an increasingly competitive world.






    Specific details about the curriculum are contained within our curriculum policy and each subject area on the website.

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