Dress Code

    Sixth Form Dress Code (from September 2019)

    Our gender neutral dress code is positive in nature, meaning that all items specifically listed below may be worn. Please presume that any items not listed are, therefore, not permitted. If you require clarification about a particular item not listed, please speak to Mrs Read or Mr Coventon before wearing it to school.

    All items on the list below may be worn by DGGS Sixth Form students:

    •             Smart tailored trousers

    •             Smart tailored skirt of an appropriate length - the ideal length is just above the knee

    •             Smart dress of an appropriate length

    •             Smart shirt with collar

    •             Smart blouse or top

    •             Smart jumper

    •             Smart cardigan

    •             Smart leather or suede shoes / boots (or shoes / boots of leather or suede appearance)

    •             Smart jacket or blazer

    •             Formal items, such as waistcoats and ties, are optional.

     Please also be aware of the following:

    •             Coats may be worn but are to be removed once inside classrooms / study areas / assembly

    •             Hair should be of a natural colour

    •             Ear piercings are permitted, as is one small / discrete nose stud

    •             During the Summer term (Term Six), DGGS Sixth Form students will be permitted to wear smart, chino-style shorts of an appropriate length

    ‘Dress Down Friday’

    On a Friday students are permitted to wear jeans, trainers, hoodies and t-shirts if they wish. Dress Down Friday is a privilege which can be revoked if the dress code is not adhered to.

    Please assume that anything not specifically listed above is not allowed. For example, visible tattoos, are not included on the list, so are not permitted. Any clothing made of denim or leather is not deemed as ‘smart’. Clothing with rips, holes or large logos/slogans will also not be deemed as being ‘smart’. The judgement of the Sixth Form Team will be final on all matters relating to the Sixth Form Dress Code.

    Finally, please remember that the Sixth Form are the leading students in the school community. Sixth Form dress therefore sets the tone and the standard for the rest of the student body. Many Sixth Form students will go on to professional or skilled jobs where there is a dress code that reflects the ethos and status of that company or organisation. The Sixth Form Dress Code therefore acts as a bridge between education and employment. It also reflects the level of maturity and independence we expect from our Sixth Form students. Any member of the Sixth Form who does not conform to the dress code or who is considered inappropriately dressed may be sent home to change and will be asked to report back to a member of the Sixth Form Team on return.

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