Our House System

    Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much

    - Helen Keller

    The house system at Dover Grammar School for Girls is a central component to our community. This system allows for students to engage with a variety of activities to enhance their experience at the school. Our vision for the house system is to try to give students a common identity which when competing provides them with a support network.  The house tutor team work together to create a variety of activities and events that allow for this identity and network to be strengthened. With the central belief that these activities will increase student involvement in the wider school community.

    Some of the events we run are as follows:

    • House Music
    • Tag Rugby
    • Year 7 Spelling Bee
    • House Drama
    • House Day
    • And many more.

    In the 6th form students are given the opportunity to run for one of the 5 leadership roles for each house. These roles allow for the 6th form leader to organise, support and encourage students in the lower key stages when participating in events.  

    St. MartiNMicrosoftTeams image (1)

    St martin house flag  Meet The Team:

    House Captain - Daisy Martin

    Drama Captain - Olivia Bonnar 

    Sports Captain - Lucy Norris

    Creative Prefect - Sabrina Friday

    House Prefect - Hannah Corkett

    Stephen De Pencester

    MicrosoftTeams image (2)

    Stephen house flag 2018  Meet The Team:

    House Captain - Polly McManus

    Drama Captain - Rosemary Harris

    Sports Captain - Gabriella White       

    Creative Prefect - Kate Nichols

    House Prefect - Eleanor Richards

    Queen Ethelburga

    MicrosoftTeams image (3)

    Ethel house flagMeet The Team:

    House Captain - Mary Owens

    Drama Captain - Lola Williams

    Sports Captain - Elliot Horne    

    Creative Prefect - Grace McLoughlin

    House Prefect - Missy Carr

    Hubert De Burgh

    MicrosoftTeams image (4)

    Meet The Team:Hubert house flag

    House Captain - Megan Baldwin

    Drama Captain - Zoe Matthews

    Sports Captain - Rebekah May          

    Creative Prefect - Kayla Foulger-Coetzee   

    House Prefect - Nicole Thompson

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