Character Values

    Mutual Respect:

    • Co-operation
    • Gratitude

    This value centres on a desire to treat everyone in the school community with respect, politeness and care, valuing the opinions of others.

    Working together, understanding that it takes a range of personalities to create a working and effective community.

    Intellectual Curiosity

    • Aspiration
    • Diligence
    • Creativity

    This value is demonstrated through a hunger to learn and a desire to share knowledge with others.

    It celebrates those who want to find out more about the world, and are willing to go out of their way to search for knowledge.


    • Consideration of Others
    • Kindness

    As a community we must care for each other and value every member of our team. This means looking after those who are more vulnerable as well as inspiring those who look up to us and lending a helping hand when needed.


    • Independence
    • Resilience
    • Positivity

    Taking risks, standing up for what is right, volunteering for new roles, trying new things when we are nervous of the outcomes are all central to courage.

    Moral Purpose

    • Integrity

    Upholding and living by rules which support our community. Protecting those who need protection and encouraging a sense of what is right/wrong in others. When living in a community there must be some guidance on procedure. Formal rules have been kept to a minimum, but students are expected to behave courteously and to show consideration for others at all times.

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