Extra Curricular, Trips & Activities

    Lunchtime Clubs:

    · Computer Science Club

    · Chess Club

    · Dissection club

    · STEM Crest Awards Club

    · Physiology Club

    · Debate Club

    · Poetry club

    · Drama Showcase Club

    · Art Printing Club

    · Felting club

    · British Sign Language club

    · Sport - lunchtime and afterschool practices for Athletics, Rounders, Netball and Dance

    · Help clubs for Maths, French, German, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects


    Supercurricular Projects:

    · Optima Magazine (student-led journalism)

    · Maths NRICH Problem solving

    · IRIS (Institute for Research in Schools) Physics Project

    · Biology Bee Project

    · Biodiverse gardening project

    · Holocaust Ambassador Project

    · Spanish Civil War History Scholars Project

    · Lenses on Lear (NEW English project)

    · Guest speaker programme

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