Home School Agreement

    Home School Agreement

    The School’s aims are to encourage and enable high standards and success for all its students so that they build character, foster respect and achieve success.
    We assume a positive partnership with parents/carers, expecting their support in teaching students,            
    self-discipline, the importance of full attendance and upholding high standards of behaviour and uniform.

    The school will:

    • Provide every opportunity for the student to achieve their full potential as a valued member of the school community
    • Care for the student’s safety and well-being
    • Provide a secure, stimulating and friendly working environment
    • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum
    • Provide a programme of personal and social development which supports the student’s academic achievement
    • Promote opportunities for the student to be fully involved in the life of the school, to be proud of their success and to celebrate achievement of all kinds
    • Encourage the student to take responsibility for themselves
    • Keep you regularly informed about school activities, general school matters and the student’s progress in particular
    • Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the life of the school
    • Deal swiftly with any incidents or concerns


    Parents/Carers will:

    • Ensure that the student attends school regularly, punctually and properly equipped

    • Ensure that the student works hard to fulfil their potential

    • Positively support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour, appearance, sanctions, discipline, anti-bullying and on-line safety
    • Support the student in homework and other opportunities for learning outside school
    • Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about the student’s progress

    • Let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect the student’s work and behaviour

    • Recognise that I / we do not have a right to take the student on holiday in term time, and that leave of absence must be requested in advance by Parents/Carers and may be granted in  exceptional cases

    • Inform the school immediately in case of absence and provide a note explaining the reason for absence upon return

    • Ensure that the school is notified of any change of circumstance as soon as possible

    • Register with ParentMail and the SIMS Parent App to receive all school communication


    Signature _________________________________________



    I will:

    • Attend school regularly, punctually and properly equipped

    • Set targets for achievement; work hard at school and at home to achieve the best possible academic standard

    • Join in school activities to broaden my interests and develop my talents

    • Take responsibility for my own work and decisions and organise my time in order to meet deadlines

    • Behave courteously, show consideration and respect towards others and the school environment       and take responsibility for my property and equipment

    • Take pride in the school and full advantages of the opportunities it provides

    • Be polite, kind and helpful to others

    • Observe the school dress code

    • Observe the school behaviour code

    • Abide by the school rules and character values


    Student’s Name ____________________________________

                                                                Please print


    Signature _________________________________________


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