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    Film Studies

    No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls

    Ingmar Bergman


    Mr Oliver Chipchase (Subject Leader)


    To create individuals who have a love of film and a broad understanding of important social, historical and political contexts as well as an appreciation of academic critical theory.


    The intention of the film A-Level is to garner an appreciation of film as an art form. The course intends to explore films – not as mere forms of entertainment – but as important historical, ideological and artistic benchmarks. Moreover, through the development of film analysis and film-making, students should complete the course as accomplished film academics.

    The Film Studies A-Level begins with an introduction to the core concepts of film analysis. By focusing on interesting case studies, students learn concepts of narrative and ideology as well as how to recognise film form and interpret connotations. There is also a focus on key theories of representation and the relationship of different films to historical, political and institutional context.

    Students then build upon their learning of the core concepts by focused study of exam case-study films. These initial films have a specific focus on context, representation, narrative and film form. From here students go on to learn about film aesthetics and auteur theory and apply these to set texts. To increase cultural capital – students also conduct wider readings and screenings of associated film texts and attend seminar lessons embedded in the course. This diversifies their film knowledge and also introduces them to important critical thinking skills required at university and beyond.

    By the end of the course, students will have studied a large range of films and applied a diversity of theories, ideologies and contexts to them. They will also put into practice all they have learned by creating their own short film. This is all possible through the approach of building skills steadily across the two years.

    Film Studies also has cross-overs in skills with English Literature, so students are able to apply their essay writing, analysis and interpretive skills to both subjects. This is a link that both departments are developing, particularly in year 12.

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