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    “Our memories are reconstructive. It’s a little like a Wikipedia page – you can change it, but can

    so can other people” - Elizabeth Loftus (2013)

    Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour.  The aim is to systematically explore behaviour through the use of scientific methods.


    Mr A. Walton (Subject Leader)

    Mr T. Purnell

    Psychology is the “scientific study of behaviour and mental processes”.  The aim of the course is to familiarise students with a wide range of theories and research investigating human behaviour.  The course has been developed by the department staff, in line with the specification, to be as interesting and challenging as possible.  It allows students to explore a wide range of research enabling them to gain an understanding and a critical appreciation of issues within Psychology.  The course provides an intelligent insight into the origins and meaning of thought and behaviour.

    The Department follow the AQA specification and the questions below offer a glimpse into the areas of Psychology investigated:

    •          What is abnormality?

    •          How do you treat psychological disorders?

    •          Why do people conform?

    •          How do your primary caregivers impact your adult relationships?

    •          Why do we become attracted to someone?

    Psychology is one of the subjects at DGGS that offers the opportunity to take an AS level as part of the 3+ options.  The examinations for the AS level are different to that of the A-level as there are fewer and shorter examinations.

    Independent Study

    Students will be expected to complete regular homework.  They will be given an independent study guide for Psychology A-level which encourages them to access e- books and additional reading.  This allows for a greater level of understanding to be gained but also encourages deeper discussion on key topics.

    The Psychology department at Dover Grammar School for Girls aims to create a programme of enrichment that allows for pupils to go beyond the curriculum.  Every year in Year 12 pupils have been given the chance to participate in a national enrichment activity called ‘I’m a Scientist’.  This allows for pupils to speak to practising psychologists who are seeking to gain students’ votes in order to win a cash prize for their research.  In the chat sessions pupils can ask a range of questions about the topic that is being covered.  In addition to this, we run weekly sessions to support pupils but also use this as a chance to help extend pupils beyond the curriculum when we can.  In the July term during the Enrichment Fortnight pupils will be given the chance to engage with a range of activities such as a trip to London to visit some important sites.  For example, students are given the chance to go to the Freud Museum and the Welcome collection.

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