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    ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’.

    Malcolm X, 1964

    History at DGGS encompasses a vast landscape of both national and international historical narrative, empowering students with the knowledge and skills to succeed.


    Mr T Millard (Subject Leader)
    Mrs J Davies
    Mrs G Bunn
    Miss C Toland
    Miss G Nadin

    At Key Stage 3 students gain a chronological overview of national and international history. Year 7 begins with a local study of the history of Dover with a particular emphasis on the Castle. Students are encouraged here to gain an appreciation of the skills and craft of the historian. Then, through a chronological framework, our students investigate the key enquiry questions around the Norman conquest, the development of castles, the medieval church and life in medieval times. Tudor England is studied towards the end of this year.

    In Year 8 students focus in more detail on the impact of Elizabeth’s reign, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution and completing this year of study on slavery in the Americas. At Year 9 students will focus on modern world history units including the First World War, a case study of Life in Nazi Germany and the events of the Second World War. Students also carry out a key investigation into the Holocaust, commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day and questioning the relevancy of this history in their lives today. Beginning in this year, students will be challenged and introduced to GCSE level content and assessment to enable students to make a fully informed decision on opting for History at GCSE. This unit of study will therefore focus on the USA 1930-2000.

    At GCSE we study the EDUQAS course with units selected on Medicine Through Time 500-2000, Elizabethan England 1558-1603, Germany in Transition 1918-39 and the USA 1929-2000. The GCSE has four main assessment objectives including the development of a detailed knowledge and understanding of the past, an appreciation of the significance of events and people, source work skills and finally an ability to understand historical interpretations.

    In the 6th Form focus on the vibrant topic of the Tudors1485-1603; the climatic events of the Cold War 1945-91; and continue to investigate for coursework the role of individuals in the black civil rights movement in the USA.

    Homework and further reading are essential to academic success in this subject. Therefore we recommend all students at GCSE and A level to create their own revision handbook and guidance on how to complete this will be given out in lessons. Students at Key Stage 3 will have a series of homework activities provided throughout the year with a combination of project work and readings.


    The Department offers a range of trips and enrichment activities throughout the year and aim to provide enrichment opportunities for all students to access. These include a cross curricular visit to Canterbury Cathedral, work with Dover Castle on local history and links to the Holocaust Memorial Trust.

    In addition, History plays a key role in Enrichment Weeks activities and House Activities across the year.

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