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    Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future

    Michael Palin (explorer and writer)

    To study Geography is to understand the world. This dynamic subject is a focus for resolving issues in space and place.


    Mrs J Arman (Subject Leader)
    Miss K Ash
    Miss M Young​

    In Years 7- 9, Geography is taught in mixed ability groups and follows the National Curriculum. In year 7, topics covered include Mapwork, Settlement studies, Weather and Climate, Weathering, Coastal morphology and Hot Deserts.  In Year 8, study revolves around Population, Economic Change, Ecosystems, Rivers and Environmental Study.  Year 9 focus on Structure of the Earth, Tectonics, Development, The Antarctic, Siberia, World Water issues and Resources.

    Geography is currently the most popular Option group subject. Students are taught in mixed ability groups and follow OCR syllabus B.  Topics cover a wide variety of interest areas including Distinctive Landscapes, Natural Hazards (both Tectonic and Meteorological), Dynamic Development, UK in the 21st Century, Climate Change, Urban Futures, Resource Reliance and Sustaining Ecosystems. Fieldwork and Fieldwork skills are an integral part of the examined course.  Students also study a separate component on Geographical Exploration through Decision-making exercises.

    Geography is a very popular Sixth Form choice, with many going on to study Geography at university level.  Students follow the OCR syllabus and are taught in both lecture and seminar style lessons to help prepare them for further education. Geography is taught in 3 distinct units; Physical, Human and Geographical Debates. This structure promotes overview and fosters a wide variety of skills including and decision-making skills, problem-solving and independent research.  Topics include Climate Change, Tectonics, Glaciation, Coastal Morphology, Ecosystems, Politics and Borders, Human rights, Earth Support Systems and Changing Space and Place. All students complete an Independent Investigation unit, conducted by each candidate based on primary and secondary data, where students choose a research issue that best fits with their own personal geographical interests.

    Homework is set regularly.  Each year group in Key Stages 3 and 4 are set 6 assessments per year.  One of these is always field study based.  Pupils haveaccess to learning resources on the pupil area and the geographical areas of the school website. 

    Independent learning is actively promoted.  Students are encouraged to read widely around alltopics and to take note of current affairs.Students are advised to watch documentaries on world issues and expand their awareness of topical issues through a variety of literature, including geographical magazines.

    In all Year groups there are ongoing weekly Challenge Activities to encourage a love of geographical learning.  Students can achieve up to five levels of achievement, culminating in a Gold Award.  The department hosts a variety of enrichment days throughout the year for Key Stage 3, including Discovering the Commonwealth, Nepal Day and a Conservation in Action Day with the Kent Wildlife Trust.  These events take learning beyond the classroom and enable us to make close links with the local community, in addition to working with outside speakers and agencies.  We have national links with the Fairtrade organisation and international links with  schools in Ethiopia and Kenya through our Global Partnership programme.  We have a successful student-led DGGS Geographical Society who organises whole school charity events, school assemblies and outside speakers on a range of topical issues. We have a well-established programme of field work across all year groups, including opportunity to take part in field work in Europe.  The staff engage in ongoing research and are active members of both the Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society with IBG.

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