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    “J’accepte la grande aventure d’être moi” (“I accept the grand adventure of being me”) 

    Simone de Beavoir

    French enables students to learn a modern foreign language as well as to become immersed in French culture and tradition.


    Mrs D. Wainwright (Subject Leader)

    Mrs V. Mitchell

    Miss G. Fleutre

    Mrs H. Sheikh

    Miss S. Treguier

    At DGGS French is studied for two lessons a week from Year 7 and through Year 8 and Year 9. Over these three years, students lay the foundations of key vocabulary and grammar, in order to build the language and grammar skills needed in Key Stage 4 and onwards.

    Students at GCSE study the EDUQAS course.  The course aims to test how well candidates could communicate in a French speaking country.   All examination tasks are set in authentic situations which they might encounter.  Students are taught in mixed ability groups and they take examinations in all four skill areas: Listening, Speaking,

    Reading and Writing.  Each skill is weighted 25% of their final GCSE grade.  Students also benefit from regular speaking practice with the French Language Assistant.

    At A Level, our students study the EDEXCEL course.  The course covers literary, historical and cultural topics and it enables the students to develop their use of complex grammatical structures and the extension of their higher register vocabulary.  In addition to the timetabled lessons, A Level students benefit from individual weekly speaking sessions with the French Language Assistant.

    Students are encouraged to read a variety of texts in French, such as books, magazines and

    newspaper articles, and watch films or French news online. Homework and independent study often involves building on vocabulary and grammar covered in class, regular vocabulary tests and individual written tasks, including translation.  At A Level, study time is focused on their independent research project.

    The French department is delighted to be able to offer a variety of trips to support learning across all key stages. These include a day trip to Boulogne for Year 7 and 8; a three-day exchange with our partner college in Eu for Year 9 and 10; and A Level students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange with the Lycee Louis Pasteur in Henin-Beaumont.

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