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    ‘A word after a word after a word is power’

    Margaret Atwood

    English offers the opportunity to explore other worlds, times, experiences and ideas through the study of great works of literature.


    Mr M Thomas (Subject Leader)
    Mrs N Graham (2nd in Dept.)
    Mrs B James 
    Mr A Coventon
    Mrs A Simmonds
    Ms R Widdup (Assistant Head)
    Mrs K Harrison

    English at DGGS is currently taught in mixed ability form groups. All lessons follow the aims of the National Curriculum to develop competence, creativity, cultural understanding and critical interpretation, achieved through the study of a wide variety of texts, themes and ideas.English lessons are designed to be academically rigorous and to increase students’ cultural capital.  With this aim in mind, students study a range of extracts and full texts by authors, both modern and canonical, from Chaucer to Shakespeare, Dickens to Duffy.

    Students at GCSE study Edexcel English Language and English Literature courses and explore a wide range of poetry, prose and drama texts, taught in five mixed ability groups. During their study of GCSE, students are exposed to a range of texts and ideas, where the strong foundation of Key Stage 3 is built on further.  At GCSE, students study Shakespeare, 19th Century novels, poetry, and non-fiction.  They also write for both imaginative and transactional purposes, using their exposure to high quality writing to inspire their own.

    English Literature is extremely popular, with about half the year group choosing to study the subject at A-Level.  Post-18, there is a high number of students who choose to study Literature at university, often at the most prestigious universities in the country. At A-Level, students are given increased autonomy, choosing several of the texts they study, as well as being exposed to a range of critics and theoretical viewpoints to enhance their understanding of the literature they read.  Lessons are designed with a strong focus on academic knowledge and critical interpretation, with students taught in both lecture and seminar style lessons to help prepare them for a university education.

    Students are encouraged to read widely and the English curriculum across all Key Stages offers plenty of opportunity for this, with the reading of great literature at the heart of all that we do. We have very strong links to the Library and students are provided with reading lists and opportunities to visit the Library throughout the year. Homework and independent study often involves students reading the set texts or reading books from the library, along with learning vocabulary, spellings, quotations, and information about key texts, with the aim of building a strong foundation for their reading and writing.

    Alongside the enriching experience of reading and discussing literature, there are several extra-curricular opportunities available to students.  Students are invited to join the English Society, Debating club, and become a reporter for Optima, the school magazine. These clubs are run by our Sixth Form Subject Ambassadors and are supported by a designated English teacher. Throughout the year, the English Department also takes students on theatre visits and, in collaboration with the Drama Department, arranges for theatre companies to visit the school to perform and lead workshops.

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