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    Computer Science

     We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.

    Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor)

    Computer Science studies both hardware and software design. It encompasses both the study of theoretical algorithms and the practical problems.

    Mrs S. Aime

    Mr K. Stanley

    Mr B Shaw

    Overview of KS3 Curriculum

    At Key Stage Three students study how computers think and communicate. They investigate the different types of hardware and software and how this might develop in the future.

    Students create and use a number of computer models to investigate the impact of changing variables, modeling sea level changes, rabbit and fox population changes and business cash flows.

    Students use a range of text based and visual programming languages including Scratch and Python. They utilise Flowol to create flow charts to control a range of every day objects including traffic lights, ferris wheels and train sets.

    Overview of KS4 Curriculum – AQA Computer Science

    At Key Stage Four students can choose Computer Science as an option. At GCSE this is assessed though a mixture of examination and non-examined assessment which include computational thinking and problem solving and a further written assessment.

    Students study algorithms, programming, data representation, computer systems, the fundamentals of computer networks, cyber security and the ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology. Students also complete a project on coding using Python.

    Teaching, Learning and Assessment

    In Years 7 and 8 students are taught in group of 75 with two teachers in the Zone our air conditioned computer suite. Students are assessed via a range of computer projects and online multiple choice tests.

    In Year 9 students are taught in tutor groups..

    In Year 10 students are taught as an option group.

    Students are encouraged to continue working on their projects outside of lesson time. This often takes the form of expanding and developing programming.

    Extra Curricular

    The Computer Science department works closely with other departments to provide extra curricular activities, many of which are organised by the Design Technology Department.

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