Brexit Contingency Work

    In the unlikely event that it becomes difficult to get to School due to emergencies caused by Brexit please see below for work set for your daughter/son.

    For subjects not listed please check your Office 365 Onedrive/Onenote. 




    Students studying KS3 French should work through Reading, Writing, Translation/Grammar exercises in their French text book. This is Tricolore 1 (Year 7), Tricolore 2 (Year 8) and Tricolore 3 (Year 9).

    Students studying GCSE French should work through the written essay titles provided, prepare for the Speaking examination using the conversation questions provided and work on the GCSE topic areas through the Linguascope website using the link provided.

    Year 10 and 11 Linguascope

    Essay Questions

    GCSE Years 10 and 11 Exam Speaking Questions

    Key Stage 5 students will find their work assigned here:


    Students studying KS3 German should work through Reading, Writing, Translation and Grammar exercises in their German textbook (Echo Express) Chapter 5 during Term 5, as well as completing the set homework according to the homework schedule.


    Year 11 Writing Tasks from Textbook and Past Papers

    Year 11 German Revision Guide

    Year 10 Die Gesundheit Booklet

    Key Stage 5 students will find their work assigned here:









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